Players Edition Batting Gloves


Our players edition batting gloves come with a sleek all white look, moulding to your hand to provide the ultimate in comfort, flexibility and control. Test match quality we are proud of.


This equipment is designed for use when playing cricket. This product does not prevent or protect against all types of injuries but is intended to merely reduce the risk of minor injuries during normal playing conditions. No equipment can prevent all possible injuries. Bear Cricket Ltd cannot guarantee the safety of the user when using this product.

Even the strongest of Bears need to protect themselves whilst on the hunt! Power on with our Players Edition batting gloves, knowing you have one of the best gloves on the market, giving you have the best chance of staying at the top of the food chain!

Additional features

  • Absorbs the impact to reduce impact stress on those claws.
  • Comfy foam interior for unrivalled comfort, increased grip and flexibility.
  • Air Flow gusset keeping your hands at their coolest whilst at the crease helping to maintain a secure grip.
  • Side-bar protection on both hands.
  • Individual padding sections boast the structural integrity to keep those claws safe.